My objective is to take your writing from where it is now to where you want it to be. Often, smothering your work with red ink can make fixing problems even harder. My aim is to look for errors in consistency and offer advice on how to improve your work as a whole, be it trouble with plot, characterization, sentence structure, or any other issues that may be negatively affecting your writing. Rather than point these issues out each time, it is much clearer to point them out a few times and offer up suggestions on how they can be changed in context.

If you only need something to be proofread, I can do that as well.

All manuscripts sent should be in Microsoft Word, 12-point Times New Roman font, and double-spaced. Edits will be provided using track changes in the body of the text as well as with notes in the margins. All editing performed follows Chicago style.


50 pages or fewer: $4 per page

51-150 pages: $3.50 per page

151+ pages: $3 per page

This includes:

  • Grammatical Editing--Correcting grammatical errors, typos, punctuation
  • Line Editing--Sentence structure, word selection, consistency
  • Developmental Editing (if applicable)--Creative input regarding character development, dialogue, plot, pacing, organization

I only charge you for edits that I actually make. For example, if you give me a 50 page manuscript and I only make edits on 20 pages, you will only be charged for those 20 pages.

If your work is especially lengthy, I will return your edited work to you in sections as I complete it so you won't have to wait to continue your work.

I accept payment through PayPal or check. Contact me so we can work out a payment plan.